Obama’s Abuse Of Power Creates Divisiveness

Posted: August 26, 2014

ANDY SCHMOOKLER’S assertion that Republicans are unpatriotic is false. (DN-R, Aug. 16) He claims the GOP is obstructionist, blocking the president’s agenda. Fact: the GOP House passed 390 plus bills, which sit on Harry Reid’s desk, making him the obstructionist. That conservatives are slowing Obama’s march toward Marxism is what our Constitution demands.Second, the lawsuit against Obama came because he repeatedly oversteps his constitutional boundaries, changing laws instead of enforcing them.

He cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce. Abraham Lincoln said all men could withstand adversity, but power revealed character.

Obama frequently shows he is willing to abuse power, bypassing Congress through a record number of executive orders. He must be stopped. 

Obama said he would unite, he has divided. He said he would make the world respect America, but he weakened Her to the point that no one takes us seriously.  Looks like Democrats and Obama are unpatriotic!

Dee Davis

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