Obama Alarmed

Panic Button On Climate Pushed

Posted: May 12, 2014

The weather forecast for this past Wednesday called for rain pretty much the entire day, with skies eventually clearing by Thursday morning. Guess what? By mid-afternoon Wednesday, the rain was gone, and the sun was out.

What does this tell us? Obviously, that meteorologists have difficulty predicting the weather day to day. How then, we ask, can anyone place credence in what climate scientists — all in, as the saying goes, on global warming or, at the very least, “climate change” — assert will definitely happen years from now?

Some say this is a facile, almost convenient argument to make in expressing skepticism about the inevitability of global warming. We beg to differ —  even as we profess an unequivocal belief in the fact that yes, indeed, the climate is changing. That’s a certainty of nature: The climate is always changing. The question, of course, is how much mankind actually has to do with it — and whether man can actually implement policies to reverse it.

The Obama administration, to be sure, wholeheartedly subscribes to the notion that man is both cause and remedy. A new report, released earlier this week, is alarmist at best, downright cataclysmic at worst, in citing man’s effect on the climate. Needless to say, the evidence posited within only lends greater ammunition to the president’s charge that dramatic steps need be taken to combat this alleged scourge — steps, by the way, that will produce higher energy prices, lower incomes for Americans, and reduced economic growth, but little actual impact on global climate.

In other words, gone are the days (and the mindset) of candidate Obama saying, “I face this challenge [of “climate change”] with profound humility and knowledge of my own limitations.” Now, “humility” has yielded to the “hubris” of seeking to enact sweeping regulatory prescription armed with dubious data.

The administration continues to trot out models that projected a 0.3-degree Celsius rise in temperature during the past 17 years. Not only has no warming transpired, but CO2 emissions, supposedly the warming catalyst, have increased. Could it be that statists in Washington are pushing a cynical agenda merely to exert greater command-and-control of a populace that runs the gamut from skeptical to inattentive to, in some instances, cowed and worn down by a constant bombardment of cataclysmic predictions?

More so than ever, it’s time for us to take a deep breath, expel some CO2 of our own, and assume a sensible if somewhat skeptical outlook. Which is why the observation about Wednesday’s weather, actual as well as predicted, is relevant to the discussion.

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