Obama Is Right On Small Business

Posted: August 3, 2012

“Oh, to be a Republican”: demogoguery, right wing innuendo, constant fear mongering, McCarthy-era paranoia, xenophobic remarks and actions, even comparing our president to Hitler, a Muslim radical, a non-American, even a traitor.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney flip flops on every issue and won’t refute those who utter degrading words or phrases that he knows to be untrue or inflammatory.

And, of course, the Daily News-Record took its turn, twisting President Obama’s meaning on the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans (“Obama Is A Statist,” July 23). The president’s concern for the middle class and individualism is evident in his policies.

Every small business person had help getting to where he is — government help in many cases, in the forms of loans, tax breaks, technology. But isn’t this the United States, where we should all help each other!

Mike Reday
Mount Crawford

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