Past Experience Shows ObamaCare Will Stink

Posted: May 3, 2012

Recently, I got a preview of what ObamaCare will be like.

I needed a statement from Medicare for my insurance company. I called each of the local Social Security offices, which were all closed. After that, I had to find how to contact the national office.

The automated phone system presented me with an eight-item menu, none of which fit my needs. I was asked to speak what it was I wanted. So I told it I wanted a copy of my annuity adjustments. It didn’t recognize the words, so I chose a menu item. Then I was offered 10 more items from which to choose.

Finally I was offered the option of speaking to a person — but I had to wait 15 minutes. They called me back, and then solved the problem. I spent more than 40 minutes of calling, calling back, and waiting.
Obama’s system will stink.

Barbara Sweet
Tenth Legion

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