Phone Scam Hits Valley Residents

Caller Claims Arrest Warrant For Victim, Seeks Phony Fine

Posted: June 19, 2014

HARRISONBURG — Rockingham County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a phone scam that’s targeting Shenandoah Valley residents.

Sheriff Bryan Hutcheson said about a half-dozen county residents reported receiving phone calls from a person identifying themselves as a sheriff’s deputy.

The caller claims an arrest warrant has been issued, but the person who’s been called can avoid arrest by paying a fine over the phone. It’s unclear if any of the people called provided a payment.

Hutcheson said the biggest tip he could offer with any suspicious request for money is to verify what the caller is stating before making a transaction. To be safe, hang up and check the claims, he said.

“Verify it independently,” he said, adding that applies for any type of possible phone scam. “Our number is in the phone book and on our website.”

Hutcheson points out that the sheriff’s office does not collect fines. The clerk’s office at the Rockingham County Circuit Court or the one at Rockingham County General District Court is responsible for collecting payment.

Anyone with questions, or to report a phone scam, should call the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office at 564-3800.

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