Police Arrest Four For Narcotics Sales

Posted: February 7, 2013

Four Shenandoah County residents were indicted in late January on charges of selling prescription pills.


Lt. Tom Shelton with the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office said the exact drugs they had will not be identified until the lab tests are returned.


Three women, Camela Coffelt, 31, Amanda Bennett, 29, and Nancy Thorton, 23, were arrested in Woodstock.


Tamuel Burgess, 33, was arrested in Toms Brook.


Shelton said the arrests were made after narcotic sales were witnessed by confidential police informants.


Coffelt was arrested Jan. 17 and is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County Circuit Court on March 10. Bennett was arrested Jan. 23 and will appear in court on Feb. 20.


Burgess and Thorton, both arrested on Jan. 25, also have additional charges of child endangerment. Shelton said children were present during both of the drug sales. Burgess and Thorton are scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 27.


All four of the accused were released from jail on bond.


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