Police Nab Knockoff Nikes

HPD Raid City Clothing Store, Say Hundreds Of Items Believed To Be Fake

Posted: January 18, 2013

K&C Top Fashion on Kenmore Street in Harrisonburg is under investigation for selling counterfeit products. The Harrisonburg Police Department raided the shop on Tuesday and seized hundreds of suspected counterfeit goods. (Photo by Michael Reilly / DN-R)

HARRISONBURG — Harrisonburg police raided a city clothing store Tuesday, seizing hundreds of suspected counterfeit items.


Police say investigators determined that several items in K&C Top Fashion were fake.


The store’s owner, Osman Rezai, 38, who is free on bond from Rockingham County Jail, was charged Wednesday with felony possession and distribution of counterfeit goods.


He declined to comment Thursday.


Capt. Richard Sites of the Harrisonburg Police Department said seeing counterfeit goods for sale in the Friendly City is rare.


“It’s not real frequent, but it seems like once a year we get complaints,” said Sites, adding some crooks might see it as easy money. “It’s lucrative and appealing to people wanting to make a quick buck.”


The investigation began Sept. 30, when a Harrisonburg police officer was dispatched to the business for a shoplifting case. The shop is located at 53 Kenmore St., a side street near the Cloverleaf Shopping Center that connects Reservoir and East Market streets.


On Oct. 3, police located the suspect and noticed issues with a pair of Nike shoes that were recovered, according to an affidavit for a search warrant for the business. Officers believed the shoes might have been counterfeit.


On Oct. 12, the affidavit states, police contacted a private investigator with expertise in counterfeit clothing. Officers showed him the shoes and he concluded that the footwear was a knockoff.


At HPD’s request, the private investigator visited the store and found more items that he suspected were counterfeit.


On Oct. 18, police say, they made a controlled buy of Nike sneakers for $65. The affidavit states those shoes were also determined to be knockoffs.


On Jan. 11, the private investigator visited the store again.


“[The investigator] observed Timberland boots bearing conflicting Burberry trademarks,” the affidavit states. “Both of these trademarks are registered to individual companies and not used jointly between the companies. In addition, he observed purses that bore counterfeit marks located in several locations within the store.”


Police seized more than 100 pairs of shoes branded as Nike and Timberland, three jackets branded as Burberry, 12 pairs of pants being sold under the Coogi label and dozens of other items. Police say they believe all the items are fake.


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