Man Pleads To Sexual Assault

Posted: November 23, 2012

HARRISONBURG — A Harrisonburg man accused of sexually assaulting a woman pleaded guilty Monday in Rockingham County Circuit Court.
Michael Lee Riley, 47, entered guilty pleas to charges of felony aggravated sexual battery, misdemeanor brandishing a firearm and misdemeanor assault.
As part of a plea deal, Judge James Lane sentenced Riley to 12 years in prison with all but about two years suspended.
On Aug. 8, prosecutors say, a woman, her son and another man went to Riley’s home in Harrisonburg. While there, the woman took prescription medication that causes her to sleep deeply.
After taking the medication, prosecutors say, the woman’s friend moved her to a bedroom to sleep before going outside to smoke a cigarette. The man told investigators that when he returned, he saw Riley sexually assaulting the victim as she slept in the bed.
The woman’s friend confronted Riley and the two began to argue, prosecutors say. The argument became physical and Riley pulled out a sawed-off shotgun from underneath a couch.
Riley is accused of pointing the gun at the head of the other man, who later told police he heard a “click,” prosecutors say.
At that point, the victim, her son and friend left the home. The next day, she reported the crime to the Harrisonburg Police Department.
An investigator interviewed Riley, who admitted performing a sex act on the woman, but he said it was consensual.
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