RCPS Eyes Savings

Board Asks For Ways To Increase Efficiency

Posted: August 26, 2014

DAYTON — In an effort to fund initiatives that don’t quite fit in the current $121 million budget for Rockingham County Public Schools, the School Board and administrative staff are asking division employees to make suggestions on how to be more efficient.

The goal is to reallocate at least $2 million.

That money won’t come from reducing already-scarce resources for division employees, School Board member Dan Breeden said during a meeting Monday at the Dayton Learning Center.

Rather, it will come from, perhaps, identifying something of which the division buys too much or updating a policy that might be obsolete.

“It’s not an indication on my part, or I think, part of the board, to suggest that money’s not being used wisely or that it’s being squandered,” Breeden said. “[H]ow many things are we doing in this big company that is Rockingham County Public Schools that are obsolete or outdated, or how could we do things more effectively, more efficiently?”

A team of RCPS staff members will be tasked with compiling staff’s recommendations and presenting them at a future board meeting.

Aside from benefitting students and teachers, Breeden said it’s important for the division to be a good steward of taxpayer money.

“If we’re lucky, Richmond and Washington will catch on,” he said.

The two “rules” Breeden laid out are that suggestions must be verifiable and not mere guesses at ways to save money, and that employees couldn’t suggest the termination of their co-workers.

In other business Monday, the board voted unanimously 5-0 to approve a policy revision that would add electronic cigarettes to its policy banning tobacco products on school property, buses and other division vehicles and at school functions.

The prohibition is not new; previously, electronic cigarettes were banned under a policy against imitation and “look-alike” tobacco products.

The policy revision includes a recommendation to add the procedures for disciplinary action for tobacco use to each school’s handbook.

On the first offense, the product or products would be confiscated and the student suspended for three days.

The second offense would yield a five-day, out-of-school suspension, and a third would result in a 10-day suspension, at which point the student would be referred to the Superintendent’s Discipline Committee for further action.

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