Re-Electing Obama Threatens Gun Rights

Posted: October 8, 2012

Election Day, Nov. 6, is a crucial date for Americans that cherish our Constitution, and the Second Amendment. The framers felt it was prudent for citizens to keep and bear arms as a means of keeping the central government in check.

President Obama believes the Constitution is flawed and the Second Amendment is no longer relevant. He voted often to limit, ban and restrict firearms, including the the most common rifles and shotguns. Since elected,
Obama has shown his contempt for firearms. His long-term goal is to confiscate and destroy all those owned by citizens.

If Obama is reelected, he will likely appoint three more Supreme Court justices. And, with just one more liberal justice on the bench, the court will rule Obama’s way — and your firearm freedoms will be finished forever.

If you love the liberties you now enjoy, think for yourself.

Vote Obama out!

Ben Ridder

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