Sewer Tests Resume

Posted: November 15, 2012

HARRISONBURG — The Harrisonburg Public Utilities Department will resume testing portions of the sanitary sewer system in areas along Reservoir Street and Neff Avenue today.


The tests evaluate city-operated sewer systems in conjunction with residential plumbing. A nontoxic and nonstaining test smoke is released into manholes, and it travels through the sewer to detect potential breaks or leaks, according to a release from the city.


If there is a defect, some smoke could enter a home. Should that happen, open a window or door, note the location of the smoke and then contact a plumber.


During the first round of testing earlier this year, officials found one public sewer line and 42 private lines in need of repair.


Anyone with questions should contact the Public Utilities Department at 434-9959.


Contact Preston Knight at 574-6272 or

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