SHS Principal: Bomb Threat Confession Received

Sheriff: Case Under Investigation

Posted: January 12, 2013

HARRISONBURG — School officials announced Friday that someone has confessed to making a bomb threat last week at Spotswood High School.


In an email to parents, Principal Steve Leaman said someone admitted to making a threat on Jan. 4. Sources say the suspect is a student.


“Information from teachers and students and diligent investigations by assistant principals, fire marshal, and sheriff deputies, etc. resulted in a successful resolution,” Leaman stated in the email.


Deputies say the bomb threat was found written in pencil in a bathroom stall around 10 a.m.


Although there is a reported confession, Rockingham County Sheriff Bryan Hutcheson said no charges have been filed. His office is investigating.


He declined to comment further.


Leaman’s email also informed parents that the school was once again evacuated Friday because of another “low level risk message.” Sources say it was another bomb threat. The school was swept in both incidents and no devices were found.


Hutcheson previously said that those found responsible for issuing such threats, which have plagued area schools since last month’s mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., will have “any and all” charges placed on them.


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