Sports Pages Need Better Balance

Posted: February 25, 2014

Overall, I can only applaud the DN-R’s balanced reporting on nearly every news level and area.  I especially appreciate the Forum.  How refreshing it is to read editorials and op-ed pieces from a conservative perspective!

Having to tolerate the mind-numbing, biased drivel, both in news reporting and editorials by the Washington Post was almost unbearable while living in NoVa. But I digress.

I must add my voice of concern, along with Ms. Smallwood about a clear lack of reporting balance in JMU sports reporting (“DN-R Should Respect JMU’S Lady Cagers,” Feb. 17).

When we have a women’s basketball program flirting with a national ranking in the top 25, I am disappointed at the repeated priority for space given to a men’s program that is mediocre at best! Better balance, please!

Jim Updyke
Mount Crawford

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