City Schools’ Event Highlights Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

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Posted: February 24, 2014

Nora Von Rotz, 4, (left) and her brother, Arlo, 7, examine an aquarium of turtles in a display by Keister Elementary School at Harrisonburg City Public Schools STEM Day at Valley Mall on Saturday. The display included details on how to build a turtle bridge in a homemade pond and information on the plight of wild turtles. (Photos by Michael Reilly / DN-R)
Lizbet Escalante, 7, a second-grader at Keister Elementary School, experiences angular momentum at STEM Day by spinning on a board while drawing in her arms like a figure skater. Harrisonburg High students designed the experiment.
Andrew Gerken (right), 5, with his brother Rylan, 8, launch mini-marshmallows at a target from catapults made from popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a plastic spoon on Saturday at Valley Mall. The display was set up by Skyline Middle School.
Julemily Ayala Chavez, 5, who attends kindergarten at Waterman Elementary, watches a reaction of hydrogen peroxide, water, dish soap, yeast and food coloring titled “Elephant Toothpaste,” created by Skyline Middle School Explorations Academy students.

HARRISONBURG — Linda Grimm wasn’t especially stoked about STEM Day upon first hearing about it.

“When they first mentioned it was a science fair, I thought, ‘boring,’” said the Ohio woman on…

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