Supervisor Resigns From Committees

Bailey At Odds With Board Chairman

Posted: February 7, 2014

WOODSTOCK — Near the end of a long work session that frequently involved fiery debate, Shenandoah County Supervisor Cindy Bailey said she was resigning from the committees to which she was appointed to just weeks earlier by the board’s chairman, David Ferguson.

Bailey, one of two new members elected to the Board of Supervisors in November, was named to the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission and the Community Policy and Management Team in January. She asked to be placed on the library board of trustees instead of the regional commission, which she said would take a greater time commitment.

Ferguson, however, did not honor her request.

He also did not accept her resignation Thursday, saying he had never seen a supervisor resign from those kinds of appointments and did not know how to handle it.

County Administrator Mary Beth Price also said she did not know what would happen. Although there are other county representatives on the regional commission, no other supervisor is assigned to the community policy team, Price said.

Bailey said she was resigning partly because Ferguson did not take her suggestions into account when she received her committee assignments.

A vocal opponent of the Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail project before her election, she had sought an appointment to the regional jail authority’s board.

After Thursday’s meeting, Bailey said she also was resigning because she did not have time for the committee meetings because of her work on the county budget. She has not been to any of the committee meetings, she said.

“I’m already doing a lot of work,” she said. “I’m going [through the budget] line by line to try to get a lot of information. That was my focus this year.”

Bailey and Marsha Shruntz, the Board of Supervisors’ other new member, had been highly critical of Shenandoah County government before winning election. Since taking their seats in January, Bailey and Shruntz have almost always voted together on issues but have yet to receive significant support from the other four supervisors.

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