This Voter Is Proud Of Mark Warner

Posted: May 1, 2014

I am proud Sen. Mark Warner is willing to reach across the aisle to find compromises that support small businesses.  As a former business owner, I know we can work together to find common ground. Warner gets it: what’s good for business is good for Virginia.

Warner does more than talk the talk, unlike most politicians. He has made the growth of small business and expanding entrepreneurship cornerstones of his work for us. Warner got bipartisan support of real initiatives — credits to offset employee taxes and provisions to keep high-skill jobs and workers in our country.

Warner understands helping small businesses is not a partisan issue. He has worked across the aisle to introduce numerous bills with Republican senators. With the Startup Act, he and Republicans focused on entrepreneurship to jumpstart our economy.

I am proud Sen. Warner is looking out for businesses and supports anyone getting their start here in the Commonwealth.

Bill Ney

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