Town Getting Rid Of Empty Lot

Broadway Hopes To Recover Costs Through Foreclosure

Posted: August 23, 2013

Broadway is closing in on the final step to rid the town of blighted property that it has had to keep up for several years, according to a town official.


Earlier this month, Broadway filed a notice to creditors that it was foreclosing liens on the property at 222 Bush Drive in the Heritage Hills neighborhood, owned by Leon Norris LLC, Town Manager Kyle O’Brien said.


According to O’Brien, the owner started to build the home in 2008 but stopped around the time the real estate market crashed, leaving the home framed but unprotected. The owner left the state and his last-known location was in Florida.


As the building began to deteriorate, grass and weeds began to grow on the property, O’Brien said.


The home was demolished in 2010 after Town Council declared it a blighted property, meaning it was unsafe and unsanitary. According to the town, it has repeatedly tried to contact the owner but there has been no response.


Broadway seeks to recoup fees from demolition, maintenance and a tax lien at a public auction, which, O’Brien said, would probably take place on the Rockingham County Courthouse steps in October. He said the costs should easily be recovered due to the property’s location.


The demolition fees totaled $9,300 and lawn care costs come to $2,085, according to court documents. Broadway also seeks $179 in unpaid taxes.


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