Town Offers Health Plan To Retired Workers

Posted: April 1, 2014

NEW MARKET — Some retiring employees will soon have the option of purchasing health insurance coverage through the town’s provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The program will become available to certain New Market employees who retire starting July 1, Town Manager Evan Vass said.

Retiring employees are eligible if they are at least 50 years old with a minimum of 10 years of continuous full-time service to the town, or 55 years old with a minimum of five years of continuous service.

Town Council approved the measure March 17.

Since the early 1990s, New Market has covered 100 percent of the health insurance costs for employees only. If employees wish to insure a spouse or children through the town’s health insurance provider, they must pay 100 percent of the premium cost, Vass aid.

Effective in July, eligible retired employees can maintain their coverage through the town if they pay 100 percent of the premium cost. They can also include their dependents in the plan, as long as they pay the premium, Vass said.

Vass pointed out the town is grouped with many other small government employers in a pool for its insurance plans. Any premium increases would be linked to the performance of the entire pool, and not necessarily influenced by the retiree health care costs directly, he said.

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