Town Officials: Elkton Sewage Pumps Clogged With ‘Unusual’ Debris

Posted: February 23, 2013

ELKTON — Unusual items have been causing damage to sewage pumps at Elkton’s north lift station in the past several weeks, and town officials are asking residents to be more careful where they lay their waste.
Employees of Inboden Environmental Services Inc., which is contracted to operate the wastewater facility, have found mop heads, adult diapers, towels and shop rags clogging the sewage pumps at that station.
The most recent clog occurred Feb. 16, Town Manager Kevin Fauber said during Monday’s Town Council meeting.
During a routine inspection, Inboden employees found that the facility’s two pumps were backed up and obstructed by foreign substances, Fauber said.
One pump was unclogged and is working properly, but the other is broken, Fauber said.
“It probably needs to be replaced,” Fauber, who was unsure of the cost, said. “We’re looking into that now.”
The backup didn’t cause any overflows, Fauber said, but it took several hours to clear.
Councilman Jay Dean asked that residents be more careful where they dump their waste.
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