‘Spread The Love’

New Community Project Fundraiser Turns Heads

Posted: February 15, 2014

Melissa Redd (front) leads her group of NCP volunteers on a Valentine's Day delivery Friday. Trailing her (from right) are Ian Sawyer, Jeff Gorman and Daniel Brumbaugh-Keeney. (Photos by Michael Reilly)
Melissa Redd delivers a Valentine’s Day package to Sue Klassen, a nurse practitioner at the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Health Department, on Friday.

HARRISONBURG — New Community Project’s activity Friday might seem more befitting for Halloween than Valentine’s Day, but representatives say it’s all about spreading the love.

Members of the organization on North Main Street dressed up in silly outfits and rode bicycles around the city to deliver Valentine’s Day packages to “raise a little bit of money and have a bit fun in the process,” NCP apprentice Melissa Redd said.

The packages consisted of home-baked goods, but a visit from a cyclist in a funky costume was part of the charm.

Officials dubbed the fundraiser “Spread the Love.”

“That’s what we’re trying to do,” Redd said. “It doesn’t have to be their boyfriend or girlfriend — it can be anybody from their life that they care about.”

NCP’s Daniel Brumbaugh-Keeney said the fundraiser gave the group a chance to get out into the community to meet neighbors and, hopefully, spread some joy.

And it also helps to support NCP’s mission, Brumbaugh-Keeney added.

“We promote sustainability and social justice in Harrisonburg by being a support and community inclusive of all kinds of people, as well as being a demonstration site for sustainable lifestyles and technologies,” he said. “And we seek to then be an information center for projects in Harrisonburg.”

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