We Cannot Afford To Plunge Into Syrian War

Posted: September 5, 2013

Contrary to the opinion of President Obama, there are no “good guys” to side with in Syria. In this conflict, we see a secular dictator fighting against Islamists who want a Muslim dictatorship.

Al Qaeda and other jihadists have joined the “Free Syrian Army” rebel group and have already instituted Sharia law in territories they control. 

These groups have documented themselves beheading prisoners, using child soldiers, and expelling Syrian Christians from their homes. And while chemical weapons were likely used in Syria, we can’t know for sure who used them.

There is no doubt that Al Qaeda is ruthless and resourceful enough to kill innocents with nerve gas just to blame the Assad government and seek American intervention.

We can’t afford to plunge ourselves into Syria. We have too much to lose and nothing to gain.

Phillip Teter

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