Amanda's Song

'Divinely Inspired' CD Recording Helps Songbird Share Her Story

Posted: January 22, 2013

Thanks to sneaky friend, Jolene Farrar, of Bridgewater, cancer patient Amanda Armstrong was entered in the Voice of the Valley contest — and since has recorded a Christian music CD. (Photo by Aimee George)

It was all thanks to sneaky friend, Jolene Farrar, of Bridgewater, who secretively entered her friend and singing partner, Amanda Armstrong, into the Voice of the Valley contest.

She didn't win, but the opportunity earned her a chance to record her own CD.

'A Gift'

In February 2011, Armstrong was diagnosed with Carcinoide Syndrome, a terminal cancer. She was 30 years old. The tumor, which originated in her chest, has since become widespread and she has been undergoing regular I.V. treatments and chemotherapy since March of that year.

She and Farrar sing in a quartet called Due North. Hearing Armstrong sing, Farrar says, she feels a “tug on her heart from the good Lord above, and the opportunity came up [to enter the contest] and I did it! She definitely has a gift.”

As the competition neared, however, Armstrong started to experience painful symptoms, and feared she would be unable to make it.

Thanks to the efforts of other sly friends, the contest directior learned of Armstrong’s condition and offered her 20 extra hours in the studio.

A New View

Armstrong had never considered recording an album before, so she was at a loss as to what to sing.

“The whole album was so divinely inspired, it wasn’t something I could have done on my own,” she said.

The Christian CD, focuses on Armstrong’s “story through song.”

“When you get a diagnosis like mine, you think about it all the time; you never feel like yourself, you feel like you’ll never be whole or be able to live life like you’ve envisioned," she said.

Creating the CD gave her a different outlook on her “journey, and that God still has great plans for you, and if you listen ... he will give you what you need to fulfill His purpose,” she said.

Armstrong's album is available at Ruth’s Books and Cards in Bridgewater.

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