Pipe Dreams ...

Posted: February 27, 2013

Alvin and Sarah Miller’s lawn collection that began with one toilet now boasts more than 10 on North Valley Pike. (Photo by Aimee George)
(Photo by Aimee George)
(Photo by Aimee George)
Outlandish ornaments and peculiar pots decorate the property Alvin Miller, 79, and his wife Sarah, 73, have owned on North Valley Pike since 1979.

The first toilet made its debut on the lawn five or six years ago, Alvin estimates.

“We took one out of the house and sat it out there, then someone stopped by and gave us another one,” he explained.

The collection grew as friends and strangers alike dropped their commodes at the Millers’. What began with a single pot has since grown to a collection of 15.

“One lady from town called and said that she had two toilets, so I went to pick them up and she gave me $20. Somebody else stopped by and wanted a lid, and one fit, so he took it,” says Alvin.

“Others stop by just to take pictures.”

Sarah added that “it’s definitely been a conversation piece!”

Alvin said people usually assume there’s a plumber in residence, but he’s simply a collector. And he hopes to add to it, saying “I’d like to get one of those ‘old timey’ ones that stands tall, but I haven’t been able to find one.”