Family-Friendly Fun

After January Test Run, Shenandoah Jamboree Set To Begin

Posted: March 27, 2013

The Dukes of Hazard ended almost three decades ago, yet fans still remain loyal to the show. Websites still sell souvenirs and DVDs, and thousands flock to the annual Fan Fair in Nashville, Tenn. Ben Jones, who starred as Cooter, believes it was the show’s ability to be fun and adventurous, while remaining family friendly that resulted in its long-term popularity.

“It was a fun show, but it was a family show,” says Jones. “Nobody got hurt, and at the end, it was just about a family trying to do the right thing.”

Using the Dukes fun-but-family-friendly format, Jones has created the Shenandoah Jamboree, a country concert series held at the Yellow Barn in Quicksburg. He says the down-to-earth show is for anyone looking for “first-class country music and a fun place to go on Saturday night.” Children, of course, are welcome.

“A lot of kids were at the last one,” he says. “That’s the whole point, this is for everyone.”

The first concert, held back in January, served as a test run to determine whether the show would be turned into an ongoing event. According to Jones’s wife, Alma Viator, promotions manager, the first show sold out.

“The Yellow Barn had to add about 100 chairs to accommodate people,” she says. “And people were still being turned away at the door.”

After the success of the show in January, the Jamboree will now take place on the first Saturday of every month from April to November. Jones’s band, Cooter’s Garage Band, will be performing each time, as will Lisa Meadows.

Linda Davis, John Roberts Rimel and the band JoJo & Nikki are scheduled for guest appearances at the upcoming show April 6.

 “We’re working really hard on it, rehearsing until it flows,” says Jones. “We want this to become something lasting.”

Jones hopes that, if the concert series becomes a permanent fixture, it will give the surrounding area an economic boost by increasing tourism. He believes The Yellow Barn is the perfect entertainment venue for tourists because of its proximity to other attractions, such as the Shenandoah Caverns and the Main Street of Yesteryear.

 “People will come for the show, enjoy themselves, spend money, leave happy,” he says.

Viator adds that they have enjoyed working with Yellow Barn staff. “They’re great people,” she says. “Lots of enthusiasm about what they do.”

Viator and Jones are also quick to praise the other performers. Viator says 12-year-old Rimel “steals the show,” and Jones remarks that the girls in JoJo & Nikki are “great harmonies.”

However, when asked who his ultimate dream guest would be, Jones pauses.

“Well, my ultimate dream guest would be Dolly Parton,” he admits. “But dream on!”

The next show is April 6. Doors open at 6 pm. Call the Yellow Barn to purchase tickets, $15 dollars in advance, (540) 477-2432.

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