Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Posted: November 2, 2013

If you’re inspired by Jennifer Comer-Acker’s story, here are a few tips from Allison Kinney, program manager at RMH Wellness Center, for continuing the weight loss journey through the holidays.

When attending holiday events, plan ahead. Don’t arrive too hungry, as you may overindulge unnecessarily.

Drink plenty of water. What feels like hunger pains may actually be dehydration.

At events where you’re not controlling the menu, eat the healthier options first. Aim for foods with protein, which help control hunger, and make sure you’re getting seven fruits and vegetables a day.

If you fill up on nutritious snacks, you’ll be less likely to eat that extra slice of cake or dive into a second helping of pie.

Use a smaller salad plate instead of a dinner plate to control portion sizes.

You don’t have to say no to desserts, but be careful of the temptation to try everything. Manage portion sizes.

When drinking alcoholic beverages, be smart about choices.

Typically, a glass of wine or lighter beer has fewer calories than heavy liquor drinks. Limit yourself to one or two, as those empty calories add up.

Make a plan to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule, aiming for 30-60 minutes a day. If that seems unmanageable, break the time up into 10 minute increments.

To get those 10-minute bursts of activity, make smart choices throughout the day. Parking farther away from your destination or taking family walks after meals are great ways to sneak in exercise.

If you know you’re going to indulge at Thanksgiving dinner, try to incorporate an additional 10-20 minutes of exercise to counteract the additional calories.

It’s not about depriving yourself during the holidays, but remaining balanced with exercise.

Despite the hectic schedules that often come with the holiday season, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, so try to be diligent in getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

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