Burn Gets Loose Near Mt. Crawford

Posted: January 9, 2013

Two acres and 21 hay bales caught fire when an open burn broke out of control near the intersection of Turkey Neck Lane and Koiner Ford Road near Mount Crawford Tuesday afternoon. No one was injured in the blaze, according to officials. (Photo by Nikki Fox / DN-R)

HARRISONBURG — Two acres and 21 hay bales caught fire when an open burn got out of control near Mount Crawford Tuesday afternoon, according to a Rockingham County fire official.

The tenant at 6925 Turkey Neck Lane was burning cedar trees and branches under a valid burn permit when wind blew the fire out of control, said Lt. Joe Mullens, a Rockingham County fire marshal.

The tenant, whose name was not released, contacted 911 at 2:17 p.m., and firefighters arrived within about 10 minutes, Mullens said. The last units left the scene at about 5 p.m. with the fire under control so the tenant could resume under the issued permit.

Structures about 1,000 to 1,200 feet from the blaze’s reach were saved by the swift action of responders and the tenant, Mullens said. No one was injured, he said.

A damage estimate was unavailable. 

The tenant assisted emergency crews by using a bulldozer to create firebreaks, Mullens said. The dozer moved dirt, which acted as a burn-barrier to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Weyers Cave, Grottoes, Bridgewater and Clover Hill volunteer fire departments responded, as did Rockingham County Fire and Rescue and a representative from the Virginia Department of Forestry.

“I’d just like to caution [people] ... conducting burn operations that they be mindful of weather conditions so that the fire doesn’t escape,” Mullens said.

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