Don’t Believe Lies, Vote For Cuccinelli

Posted: November 2, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli’s opponent has spread many lies about him. A lie on TV blames Ken for people in Southwest Virginia not receiving royalties in a dispute with the energy companies. Ken proposed a solution to solve that problem.

However, the gas companies and the Democratic state Senate opposed the legislation, so it never passed. That emotional ad is false.

It is a lie that he was against all no-fault divorces. His legislation applied to families with children. It did not affect a woman’s ability to get out of a marriage with abandonment, abuse or adultery.

Please check Ken’s website to get the facts. Don’t believe Terry McAuliffe’s lies. We need an experienced person to be governor. McAuliffe has no legislative experience.

Please vote for Ken Cuccinelli for governor.

Laura Logie