Goodlatte’s Comments On Immigration Ridiculous

Posted: June 9, 2014

Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s comments on immigration to President Obama’s, which appeared recently in the Daily News-Record, are absolutely ridiculous and typical Republican back peddling (“GOP Bristles Over Obama Pressure,” May 30).

Mr. Goodlatte of all people needs to remember his own words at a public meeting I attended last year on immigration: “The Senate Democrats’ immigration bill passed on to the House. We are not even going to consider their bill.” After 20 years in Congress you would think he can come up with better proposals than just to continue procrastinating with meaningless measures that will not and have not passed Congress or the test of time in helping solve the immigration problems.

Mr. Goodlatte and others in the House seem dead set on stalling anything the Democrats propose. These comments and others such as Steve King’s are just up to their old non-governing tactics. Propose nothing, and therefore do nothing.

Luke M. Drescher