NEW: McAuliffe Wins City, Loses Big In County

Posted: November 5, 2013

HARRISONBURG — As expected, Democratic gubernatorial Terry McAuliffe squeaked out a win in Harrisonburg and lost big in Rockingham County, a testament to the vastly different electorates in the two localities.

McAuliffe received 4,187 votes in the Friendly City to Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s 3,236. Libertarian Robert Sarvis earned 572 votes. In Rockingham County, Cuccinelli romped, taking 14,302 votes to McAuliffe’s 5,460. Sarvis got 1,256 votes.

Harrisonburg has become increasingly purple in recent years, with a fairly even split between Republican red and Democrat blue. Most statewide and national elections have trended slightly Democratic recently. Rockingham County, on the other hand, has remained rock-solid conservative with GOP candidates winning by large margins.