No, We Don’t Need Illegal Immigrants

Posted: March 4, 2014

Jossimar Diaz-Castro’s assertion that undocumented (read: illegal) personages are needed by this Valley or the poultry industry is interesting, but flawed (“Goodlatte Should Back ‘Undocumented Workers,’” Feb. 24).

Persons who break the laws are criminals. Entry into this or any other country without permission is illegal. If the Valley or its industries want workers, they can recruit legal workers with visas, workers who go home when the job is done.

Illegals use welfare, medical facilities, court dockets and take jobs, thereby depleting our already overused treasury. A treasury that borrows more than 40 cents of every dollar used.

No one mentions the gangs and drug trade that has increased with the advent of illegals. In the past, amnesty (“path to citizenship”) has been given to about 1 million illegals; the result has been we now have more than 12 million illegals.

Unfortunately, our legislators are more interested in votes than in protecting us.

George Lampron
Tenth Legion