Obama Not Honest, Romney Works With Democrats

Posted: November 5, 2012

William Knorpp’s recent accusation of Mitt Romney being dishonest (“Obama Honest, Romney Not,” Oct. 29) is based exclusively on findings of “non-partisan” PolitiFact.com, an affiliate of Tampa’s Democrat-leaning newspaper. “The Tampa Bay Times, producer of PolitiFact, has not endorsed a Republican candidate for major office (governor, senator, president) this century. Accordingly, the Times scores ‘Pants on Fire’ for lack of objectivity,” according to Media Tracker.

The article states, “Mr. Obama has been ... notably honest by the standards of American politics, whereas Mr. Romney has been ... the opposite.” If the Benghazi tragedy is any indication, it would be President Obama’s forthrightness I would question.

Unfortunately, articles like this do nothing but exacerbate the political discourse. The next president will need to build consensus in a divided Congress. In four years, Obama has demonstrated little capacity for this. Mr. Romney has proven his ability to work with Democrats as governor. He is the better choice for president.

Greg Montgomery