Obiter Dicta

‘Send Him To Juvie’

Posted: April 8, 2014

Breitbart’s Big Government website reports the following, which requires no comment:

“Thirteen-year-old Ethan Chaplin, who attends school in Vernon, New Jersey, was suspended for two days and will undergo a psychological evaluation after another student complained that he was ‘twirling a pencil’ like a gun.

“According to News 12 New Jersey, Chaplin said he was ‘just twisting around a pencil with a pen cap on it when a student behind him yelled, “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”’

“Chaplin told officials he had repeatedly been bullied by the student who complained and that the complaint about the pencil was just an extension of that. But the school suspended him anyway, ‘pending the outcome of a psychological evaluation.’”

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

The Daily Caller reports that children’s cereal boxes are designed to get the children to want cereal. That’s because the cartoon characters on the boxes look down, at a 9.7-degree angle no less, to stare right into a child’s eyes. Models on adult boxes, however, look straight ahead.

Who knew what evil lurked in the cereal aisle. It is a crime of cosmic dimension. Oh, the humanity!