Real Immigration Reform Needed

Posted: August 22, 2013

I attended a “Town Meeting” sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte on Aug. 19, in Verona. I read and studied carefully his 10 points of concern about the Senate immigration bill. It was easy to ascertain that Mr. Goodlatte’s main point was as he put it, “We are not going to work with the Senate Bill at all."

They, the Republicans, wish to defund Obamacare and scrap any comprehensive immigration reform they did not write.

So, I am urging all in fairness and effort to make real reform happen. Write or call, or do both, your representative and urge them to consider and bring about real reform and not piecemeal bites.

The comprehensive Senate bill is, like the Affordable Care Act, only groundwork for real reform, but it gives it direction.

Luke M. Drescher