Spoiled Brat Occupies White House

Posted: November 7, 2013

We have a spoiled brat living in our White House down in Washington. Play by his rules or he’ll take the ball home and we’ll forfeit the game!

When not making daily TV appearances extolling his agenda or, at our expense, flying all over the U.S. spreading his ultra-liberal ideology, he’s on global jaunts to raise his esteem. Sadly, however, the latter appears not to have enhanced the view of U.S. as the world leader.

Takes time on the golf course to catch his breath, as need be, but back home the U.S. Congress struggles with the nation’s financial woes into which his political cronies throw monkey wrenches.

This “spoiled brat” might well benefit from a session in the proverbial woodshed. Perhaps then he’d keep the ball in play and avoid a forfeit.

Peter F. Martens Jr.