HARRISONBURG — Now that the dog days of summer are behind, Three Notch’d Valley Collab House is hosting a second summer block party filled with games, music and prizes for Labor Day weekend.

The first rendition of the summer block party was July 20, but a heat advisory brought the fun indoors. From 3-8 p.m. this Saturday, the parking lot will be closed off so attendees can count down the end of summer by boogieing along to live music or playing oversized jenga, cornhole and arcade basketball.

Sounds from Appalachian rock band Ben Kunkle, Commander Q and  Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings will keep the energy going throughout the day.

Naveed Quarterman, general manager of the collab house and the man behind DJ set Commander Q, organized both summertime events and hopes to continue hosting block parties each month into the fall. Quarterman said the block parties are an invitation for the community to take advantage of the brewery's space and explore all Three Notch’d has to offer.

“We usually have music and stuff inside and that's all good and fun, but that side space is actually really cool when it is a nice day to kind of chill out there and have music out as well in the afternoon,” Quarterman said.

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen from Charlottesville will provide chicken, tofu and carne asada tacos. A jockey box offering specialty drafts of small batch brews will also be at the event. Admission is free and prizes from the bands and brewery will be raffled throughout the day.

Midnight Spaghetti was formed by a group of James Madison University seniors 16 years ago. Each year, the band hosts a charity music event —  Spaghettifest. The event originated as a two-day camping and music experience in Harrisonburg, but the festival has since traveled and last year took place in Mexico with Kunkle and Commander Q among other artists. The main raffle prize at this weekend’s block party is a $100 deposit for Spaghettifest 2020 in Mexico.

Mickey Glago, leader of Midnight Spaghetti, continues at JMU as a professor of music industry. Glago said the band is deeply invested in Harrisonburg and values the communal support.

“We've been involved in the Harrisburg community for a long time,” Glago said. “There is a great support in the artist circles and encouragement between everybody. All the groups here … all the people in the community — they all have, at some moment, given a lot."

Kunkle has a new single titled “Cigarette” out, and his debut E.P. “Hollow” will be available Sept. 15. Commander Q does not have any released music, but he plans to throw some original, funky hip-hop mixes into the set list on Saturday and have an album ready before the October block party. Midnight Spaghetti will also release a new album by the end of fall.

“The mix of all the sounds between me and Naveed and Midnight Spaghetti — it’s a really cool, high energy mix of music that I think coupled with the weather and JMU being back in town — I think it’ll be a pretty sweet time,” Kunkle said.

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