HARRISONBURG — Sen. Emmett Hanger held on to the Republican nomination for the 24th Senate District, pushing him forward to the November election.

Tuesday’s primary marked the third one Hanger has undergone since taking the seat in 1996, according to the Virginia Department of Elections database. Facing opponent Tina Freitas, 40, of Culpeper, Hanger was able to maintain voters to win the nomination.

Hanger, 70, will face Democrat Annette Hyde in November.

The 24th Senate District holds 79 precincts — 15 in Rockingham County, 26 in Augusta County, 11 in Culpeper County, six in Greene County, 10 in Madison County, six in Staunton and five in Waynesboro, according to the Department of Elections.

Of the 19,390 votes counted, unofficial results from the Department of Elections show Hanger taking home 11,122, or about 57% of the vote.

In Rockingham County, Hanger received 1,477, or 58.1% of votes counted. Freitas received 1,062 votes.

In Augusta County, Hanger received 5,218, or 64.2% of votes counted, while Freitas received 2,910 votes.

In Culpeper County, Hanger was unable to win against Freitas on her home turf. Freitas received 1,274, or 69.9% of votes counted, while Hanger received 547 votes.

Freitas also took Greene County with 690 unofficial votes, or 54.7% counted, compared to Hanger’s 571 votes counted.

In Madison County, Freitas took the majority, receiving 779, or 62.6% of votes counted. Hanger received 464 votes.

Hanger took both the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro by more than 50%. In Staunton, Hanger received 1,791 votes while Freitas took home 766.

In Waynesboro, Hanger received 1,054 votes compared to Freitas’ 787 votes counted.

Efforts to reach Freitas for comment were unsuccessful before press time.

Hanger was greeted by family, friends and supporters, including Del. Steve Landes, Augusta County Board of Supervisors member Marshall Pattie and Chris Runion, the Republican nominee for the 25th District of the House of Delegates, on Tuesday night in Staunton where he held his watch party at Depot Grille.

“I have been through this several times and it doesn’t get any easier,” Hanger said. “But it is very gratifying to receive the nomination.”

Hanger said he had to “push for the numbers” for Tuesday’s primary, ultimately turning out successful as he took 57.3% of all votes counted.

“This whole experience has intensified my feelings and I am glad to have a platform where I can address people with concerns,” Hanger said.

Prior to serving in the Senate, Hanger was elected to the 26th House of Delegates District seat from 1982-1989.

Hanger has served in numerous committees in the Senate, including co-chair of Finance; Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources; Local Government; Rehabilitation and Social Services; and Rules. He was also chair of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Resources and a budget conferee.

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