WEYERS CAVE — The Super Save in Weyers Cave was a community gathering spot that sold food until it closed on June 1. But the building could soon return to that role for the northern Augusta County community, giving residents a chance to rent books.

The Augusta County Library is looking to set up a library in part of the building located at 51 N. Franklin St.

“It’s kind of been on our radar for awhile,” said Diantha McCauley, director of the Augusta County Library. “We’ve been very aware we haven’t had anything in the northern part of the county in, well, forever.”

The location would operate as a full-service library and be open for roughly 20 to 28 hours a week, she said.

However, she emphasizes a lease has not been signed. The building is currently in a purchase process.

The library would stock books, digital media and large print reading materials in over 3,000 square feet.

McCauley said the organization is looking to acquire another 1,000 square feet for a meeting room in an adjacent part of the building.

“We may not be able to have much in the way of programming in the first year, but it’s definitely [something] we’d consider adding in later years,” she said.

The location would “definitely” have preschool storytimes, which are a staple of public libraries, according to McCauley.

“A lot of the other programming would depend on the community interest and what the patrons are interested in,” she said.

The library is also looking at having four computers and Wi-Fi for the public to use, she said.

The costs for the library were approved at the July 24 Board of Supervisors meeting, said Timothy Fitzgerald, an Augusta County administrator.

Right now, the approved price includes first-year operating and startup costs, which total roughly $160,000.

“The next year, we will include it in our normal budget, but these dollars come from the Middle River infrastructure account,” Fitzgerald said.

The model the county will use to set up the library is based on the previous success of the Stuarts Draft location of the Augusta Library, Fitzgerald said.

“It’s not just about books,” said Gerald Garber, the chair of the Board of Supervisors and the supervisor for the Middle River District. “If you can keep a kid out of a jail, a library is a wonderful investment.”

“There’s been a lot of positive response,” Garber said. “Maybe even more than I expected.”

Garber said he is hoping to have the library up and running in three to four months if the deal works out.

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