HARRISONBURG — The Church of the Incarnation, an Anglican church located in Harrisonburg, has purchased the old Carter Bank & Trust building at 75 North Mason St. in downtown Harrisonburg.

“The plan is to hopefully have everything — offices, classes and sanctuary — in one building,” said Bob Brown, a member of the Parish Council of the Church of the Incarnation.

The Carter building, which is around 15,000 square feet, is about three times as large as the church’s current location at 292 North Liberty St.

“About two or three years ago, we realized we were growing out of the space we are currently in on North Liberty,” Brown said.

Last fall, the church became aware that the Carter building was for sale. The negotiation to close the deal took six or seven months, according to Brown.

The more than $1 million purchase was completed on June 17, according to documents from the Rockingham County real estate records system.

The extra space will allow the church to look at expanding children’s religious classes, but the adult education classes will continue as usual, Brown said. The amount of space for these expansions relies on the designs from architects involved in the project.

The church is also looking at moving its offices from 57 South Main St. into the Carter Bank building, but that also depends on architect changes, he said.

The timeline is not firm yet for the move, but Brown expects it to take about two years, he said.

“Conceivably, we could be in 18 months,” Brown said. “But that's sort of a very-best-case scenario if everything goes perfectly well.”

The church is in talks to sell its location North Liberty Street to another church, Brown said.

Brown declined to give more information about the transfer of the North Liberty location as the process is ongoing.

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