HARRISONBURG — The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors will consider MLK Preston Lake’s request to amend its master plan to include a senior living facility off Boyers and Stone Spring roads during its regular meeting on Wednesday.

The applicant submitted a revised master plan for the 4-acre parcel prior to the June 4 Planning Commission meeting, which calls for a sidewalk to be constructed along Boyers Road and Stone Spring Road and will connect to a 3-acre adjacent parcel that is currently unused.

The density will remain the same at 5.87 dwelling units per acre, according to Bradford Dyjak, director of planning, who added that there would be up to 66 bedrooms for the senior living facility.

The applicant’s agent, Carl Snider from Valley Engineering, noted on June 4 that his client is the contract purchaser for just the 4-acre parcel so if approved, there will be a division of land split between the 4 acres for the senior living facility.

There will be two access points on Boyers Road. The back portion will connect to the 3 acres that would also have an access point to Stone Spring Road.

At its March 27 meeting, supervisors approved MLK Preston Lake’s request to waive a public hearing, so there will be no allowance for comment on Wednesday.

Virginia law allows local governments to waive public hearings if there are no changes to use or density of the district. The area is designated as a high-density residential district, which will not change.

MLK Preston Lake filed a request March 19 to amend the existing master plan to include a senior living facility off Boyers and Stone Spring roads.

Under that plan, the 4-acre parcel would have a 168-unit multifamily apartment complex.

The only change to the master plan would be the type of housing the parcel would have.

Preston Lake, located between Massanetta Springs Road and Boyers Road, has been under development for the last 13 years. The project has had several master plan renditions since the Board of Supervisors approved it in 2005.

The project started as town homes and single-family units and grew to include multifamily buildings and quadplexes after MLK Preston Lake bought the development in December 2012 for $2 million after the property foreclosed in early 2011.

Other items on Wednesday’s agenda include considering the Revitalization Area Resolution for the Woda Cooper Rowhouses Project at Taylor spring Lane.

According to the resolution, the Taylor Spring Lane Revitalization Area is where “industrial, commercial or other economic development of such area will benefit the county, but such area lacks the housing needed to induce manufacturing, industrial, commercial, governmental, educational, entertainment, community development, health care or nonprofit enterprises or undertakings to locate or remain in such area.”

The board was asked to recognize Taylor Spring Lane Revitalization Area, as defined by the Virginia Housing Development Authority, during its June 12 meeting but the board voted to table the resolution until Wednesday to get more information.

Prior to the meeting, a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Port Republic Road Emergency Response Station will commence at 4 p.m., at the existing station.

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