BRIDGEWATER — Bridgewater Town Council unanimously voted to accept the draft of a proposed 60-year easement from Dominion Energy on Tuesday to provide service to the new Franco’s Pizza restaurant on Main Street.

In a report, it was in the staff’s judgment that the easement would not impinge upon parking plans for the rear portion of the lot.

No one spoke during public comment.

Prior to the vote, Town Manager Jay Litten said he recommended the easement be granted despite there being no final copy from Dominion Energy.

Franco’s Pizza is located at 406 N. Main St.

Other items on Tuesday’s agenda included a presentation from Kathy O’Connell with the U.S. Census Bureau. O’Connell discussed the importance of there being a full count of Bridgewater residents, asking council members to form a Complete Count Committee.

During visitor’s comment, a new Bridgewater resident asked council members to consider looking into the town’s ordinance pertaining to walking dogs or other animals.

Title 16 of Bridgewater’s Code of Ordinance states that “an animal may be deemed to be at large whenever it is off the property of its owner or custodian and not under its owner’s or custodian’s immediate control.”

The resident, who asked not to be named, said the ordinance does not specifically say the animal needs to be on a leash. The resident said over the last six weeks, she has pepper-sprayed three dogs that were not on a leash and approached her.

Councilman Steven Schofield, who is on the ordinance committee, agreed with Mayor Ted Flory that the committee would look into the ordinance.

It has been less than two weeks since the fiscal year 2020 budget went into effect on July 1, but planning for fiscal year 2021 budget has gotten a head start.

Councilman Bill Miracle told council members Tuesday that when it comes to the next budget, council will “need to make some tough decisions.”

Miracle said water revenue has continued to decrease due to residents restricting their water use. Although he noted the conservation was a good thing, the declining revenue was worrisome.

“The time may come when we need to tweak our revenue structure, but it is not yet time to tweak,” according to the treasurer’s report.

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