DAYTON — Dayton Town Council met an hour earlier than usual, following a short special meeting, during which council unanimously voted to pass a resolution to move its monthly meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday.

In the main council meeting which followed, council passed amendments to the town charter. Mayor Sam Lee and council members L. Todd Collier, Jeffrey Daly, Zachary Fletchall, Cary Jackson and Robert “R.J.” Ohgren voted in favor of the motion. Council member Tara Worthy was absent.

The changes are to increase clarity in the charter and bring the town into line with state law.

Some examples of amendments to the charter include more detailed delineating of police power and authority and allowing the mayor or two or more council members to call a special meeting, in line with state law.

The changes also rename the positions of town superintendent and recorder as town manager and clerk, respectively, to be consistent with state law.

However, the changes will not go into effect until approved by the General Assembly in Richmond, which reconvenes on Nov. 18.

Lee reviewed the proposed changes out loud before the council moved on to a public hearing on the changes. None of the less than 10 members of the public in attendance spoke.

The town is still working on getting all of its wells back to full capacity, according to a staff report from Dayton’s public works department.

The town’s three wells have been suffering issues since March, according to previous Daily News-Record reports.

The town sources its water from wells called No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4. Well No. 3 was drilled but never developed.

Well No. 2 is still out of service and Sydnor Hydro Inc., a Richmond-based water construction firm, is expecting to have the pump necessary to fix the well by next week, according to the staff report.

Dayton Treasurer Timothy Arrington presented the preliminary financial report for the town dated June 30 and answered questions from council regarding the wells.

Ohgren asked Arrington about what kind of effect the well repairs will have on the budget.

Arrington replied that the town had planned appropriately for the repairs, but that was no guarantee no issue may arise.

“We don’t anticipate any surprises, but with surprises, can you really anticipate them?” Arrington asked.

Arrington also spoke about the preliminary budget given to the council at the meeting, with which council is normally provided.

“Our goal is to get our balance sheet in order,” Arrington said.

This would help with future audits of the town’s annual budget, a normal procedure, to be more efficient and cost effective, he said.

Dayton Police Chief Justin Trout told council that the police department had received three applications for the one position left to fully staff the town’s five-man force.

Trout also said that the police department is collecting data for a report on how to best provide 24-hour coverage for the town.

In April, the Dayton Police Department received 20 calls for service, performed one arrest, recorded no accidents, issued 14 citations and gave seven warning citations, according to Trout’s staff report presented to council.

In other news, a Virginia Department of Transportation Speed Study has also been completed, and Mason Street will be getting a speed sign, while the study did not identify the need for signs on Main or College streets, and council also welcomed new Town Superintendent Angela Lawrence.

“I look forward to learning more about the town and meeting more people,” she said.

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