TIMBERVILLE — Over the last two months, members of the park planning advisory group have been creating a list of items that could be done during the first phase of improvements.

With council members giving the advisory group approval to push forward, some items will be able to get completed sooner than expected.

The park planning advisory group was established in an effort to make improvements to the town’s park systems after council voted to close the Plains District Memorial Pool for the 2019 season.

Town Manager Austin Garber said on April 16 that council was committed to providing a more diverse offering of recreation activities for residents and visitors to enjoy by enhancing the town’s park system.

Funding for park improvements was included in the fiscal year 2020 budget, which began July 1 and set aside $140,000 for the park systems.

Mayor Don Delaughter said Thursday during a town council meeting that the group has had “pretty good meetings.”

“There has been lots of interest,” Delaughter said.

The town said prior to the group’s first meeting, each member submitted a list of their top 10 wants, needs or improvements for the parks. A list was then compiled with items mentioned the most, such as improving the bathrooms and adding lights or security cameras.

The group then created a list of things that could be started on first.

Items that made the list for wants, needs or improvements that could be done during phase one include:

· Install lighting inside shelters and stables

· Add swings and remove barbeque pit

· Install soccer nets

· Add movie screen

· Remove old pool house

· Remove bollards and add split rail fence

· Signage

· Remove dumpster

· Create warm and inviting shelters

· Add game cameras

Town Council voted, 3-1, to start working on items that could be done before a planner is contracted for the project, such as doing lighting and adding swings. Bob Blosser was opposed. Juanita Price and Carl Turner were absent.

“We need to get started,” Delaughter said, urging council members that work needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Items that made the list for wants, needs or improvements that could be done after phase one include:

· Walking tracks and fitness trails

· Improve parking

· Update basketball courts

· Install a boat launch

· Monument upgrade

· Add a fire pit for Flag Ceremony

· Marketing

· Dog park, dog waste and tennis courts

· Earthen playground

· Native planting with Earthen Amphitheater

Council voted, 3-1, to hire Landscape Architecture Land Planning for the project subject to review contract. Bob Blosser was opposed. Juanita Price and Carl Turner were absent.

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