HARRISONBURG — The Rockingham County Board of Supervisors were met with a variety of action items during Wednesday’s meeting, recommending approval for a majority and tabling one special-use permit.

Supervisors are seeking to submit two applications to the Virginia Department of Transportation fiscal year 2020-21 revenue sharing program, with the allocation of funds to reach $3.11 million. County contributions would be $1.55 million.

According to the staff report, $805,000 of the designated funds would be for the Lake Shenandoah Watershed Culvert and Crossing improvements along Baybrook Drive, Berryfield Drive and Shen Lake Drive within existing VDOT right-of-way.

The Va. 276, Cross Keys Road, at Va. 253, Port Republic Road, left turn lanes installation, which is also a VDOT-administered project, is slated to cost $750,000.

Bradford Dyjak, director of planning for the county, told the board Wednesday that the application window for revenue sharing closes on Oct. 1, and the resolution “underscores the importance of planning ahead.”

Supervisors voted to adopt the resolution to execute all agreements and addendums for the approved revenue sharing projects with VDOT, 5-0.

The board also considered a resolution for the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission’s financing for aircraft hangars and a fuel storage facility.

The airport commission determined it was necessary to acquire, construct and equip aircraft hangar facilities at SVRA by installing or replacing all or portions of the fuel farm tanks and to pay issuance costs in connection with the financing, according to the resolution.

Gregory Campbell, executive director at SVRA, told the board that the airport has four hangars that are “100% full with a growing waiting list.”

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service has offered to purchase a Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission Taxable Airport Revenue bond up to $3.08 million to provide permanent financing.

Campbell said the funding would include construction of a new hangar and a replacement for the fuel farm tanks.

The airport commission adopted the resolutions. The issuance, execution and delivery of the bond were authorized during a public hearing on Aug. 21.

The board voted to grant final approval, 5-0, with the resolution effective immediately.

Other items on Wednesday’s agenda include two committee appointments and several public hearings.

Supervisors also passed a resolution endorsing the submission of a transportation alternatives programs grant for the Garbers Church Road bicycle and buggy lanes project.

Dyjak said the Transportation Alternatives Programs Grant has been pre-screened by VDOT and the grant would be a 80/20 revenue sharing project with the county responsible for 20% of the costs.

To fill two vacant positions in the county, supervisors voted to appoint Dr. Phil Wishon to the Community Services Board to represent District 3 and Keith Hurst to the Board of Zoning Appeals to represent District 2. Wishon will serve a three-year term while Hurst will serve a five-year term.

Milford Zimmerman came before the board to request a special-use permit for a small contractor’s business on property located on the northeast side of Bethel Church Road and east of East Point Road. The property would be 4 acres and limited to 5,000 square feet. Supervisors approved the request, 5-0.

A second special-use permit came from Lindale Mennonite Church requesting to have a child care building on property located on the northeast side of Shaver Mill Road and south of Harpine Highway.

Diana Stultz, zoning administrator for the county, told the board that there was a zoning violation found after Lindale Mennonite Church made the special-use permit request that would need to be resolved before granting the permit.

Supervisors voted to table the request, 5-0.

The final matter of business included considering a resolution to execute a local lease acquisition agreement and financing lease of $4.75 million to Virginia Resources Authority to provide funds for an Emergency Response Station on Port Republic Road.

Supervisors voted in favor of the resolution, 5-0, with funds being expected to be seen by early November.

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