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For some Americans, the 1960s was a time when it was easy to worry about both our individual futures and that of our nation. Read more

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What on earth possessed Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee to back declaring each July 13 as “Nathan Bedford Forrest Day” in his state? A satisfactory answer to that probably is not on the horizon. Read more

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It has been pointed out that President Donald Trump’s attack on four Democratic congresswomen may have been calculated for political reasons. That is, Trump may have hoped outrage over his tweet would show his base that moderate Democrats have more in common with their party’s radicals than … Read more


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We live in a country where justice is supposed to be blind. Citizens expect that people who bad things will be caught and arrested and spend an appropriate period behind bars. Not so if you are an uber-wealthy guy named Jeffrey Epstein. Read more

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Democrats see your paycheck as fair game for their endless social improvement projects. Every Democrat vying for the White House backs federal legislation that would guarantee workers nearly three months of paid family medical leave every year to care for newborns and the sick. Sounds wonder… Read more


“It takes an extraordinary intelligence to contemplate the obvious.”

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Back in the 1960s women were sometimes candidates for my church denomination’s yearly conference moderator position, but none had been elected yet, when one year the nominating committee listed two women for that position so a woman would finally be elected. Some men came to my father asking… Read more

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The respective virtues and pitfalls of two competing economic systems are in full-throated debate. Socialism, which only until recently was advocated by “fringe” progressives, is being promoted by many mainstream Democrats. Capitalism — the economic system that propelled the United States on… Read more

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