It has been reported the population of the U.S. doubles every 30 years. The Chinese, with their one child program that ended in 2015, has stagnated their population. By year 2100 the U.S. could exceed them in numbers. China must act before that to become the economic and military power of the world. Without American money, China shall find it difficult to maintain being that major power. If successful, President Donald Trump’s trade effort now shall be the historic moment of the 21st century.

Barbara Lampron


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I agree Barbara. President Trump's negotiations with China are history in the making. He is doing a great job of holding their feet to the fire.


prodigalson What world are you and Barbara living in? Our debt to China is a lot more than their debt to us. Con Don's policy is not holding the Chinese feet to the fire, but is killing the farmers and our manufacturing. If China demands the payments on the debt we owe them, we are the country in trouble. $25 billion to bail out the farmers and manufacturing is slowing down. The economists say the tariffs will cost each family approx. $1,000, where is your tax cut now. I see Con Don has backed off his tariffs again from Oct 1 to Oct 15 just out of the kindness of his heart !! Now Con Don realizes the economy is slowing down due to the trade war with China, so he is saying maybe another tax cut in 2020. More debt for the government as the National debt keeps going up under Con Don!! Where are the Republicans that used to beef and complain about the National debt under Obama and suddenly the have no spine to complain as Con Don and his policies keep adding more and more debt to our economy.


Dearest Driller, tariffs are a good thing. They encourage companies to manufacture their products in America, not outsource jobs to China. In addition, they encourage Americans to buy American. If you don't want to ultimately pay the tariffs with your newly created high paying manufacturing job, stop buying Chinese cr@p. If you want cheap goods and the loss of good paying jobs here in America then continue to buy Chinese cr@p and pay the tariffs - you deserve it. No tariffs also comes with a great price tag so stop whining and buy American.


Bishopsboy Who is whining!!! When you have no legitimate defense you say a person is whining. Are tariffs a tax on the U.S. consumers? As the price of goods up to them or as Con Don says China is paying for them. Yeah right China is paying for them!! That is why tariff products are going up in price to us. If the tariffs are good why is Con Don backing off the dates they go into affect? Even with the tariffs in place U.S. manufacturing is going down. I don't think companies are breaking their necks to bring their manufacturing back to the U.S. You say quit buying Chinese does that Include the Trump's cr@p? If you think tariffs are great, go ahead and ask the farmers what they think of the tariffs and how it is affecting their bottom lines!!!Without Con Don's hand outs (25 billion dollars) many of them would be out of business by now. You are now showing that you have TDS, you want to defend Con Don even though you know better!!!

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