The news media seems to like to refer to Evangelical Christianity as a monolithic block of the Christian “House.” Not so.

Evangelical Christians are those who place confidence in the Bible and especially the New Testament. They believe in the power of Holy Scripture to touch hearts and bring faith. They believe in a personal faith.

Many Evangelicals do not vote Republican, nor are they “Trumpites.” They also do not condone everything Israel does. The Old Testament tells Israel to love its neighbor. That is not happening.

Proper understanding of the Bible does not insist on Israel’s possessing a land with physical boundaries. Rather, the Lord Jesus is the fulfillment of all the promises given to Israel (2 Corinth. 1:20; Galat. 3:16).

Let us love Israel but not to the detriment of its neighbors. God is no respecter of persons (Acts. 10:34). Christ died for all of them and for us.

Gale H. Younkins


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The state of Israel holds no special significance to me other than it being a nation-state, Ms. Younkins. However, I would suggest that if Israel were to extend love to its “neighbors” it would be an unrequited love. Indeed, if they were to do this in conjunction with giving up their “physical boundaries” and the land therein, many an Israeli Jew would not see the next sunrise. I also see no reason for Israeli Jews to voluntarily self-embark on yet another Diaspora.

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