A Census Bureau article about the American Community Survey explains reasons for the citizenship question on this active survey. It’s difficult to understand why this should not be included or reinstated into the decennial census for the benefit of all citizens and non-citizens.

John Nalberczinski Weyers Cave

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The liberals are insisting the citizenship question is 'racist' but the census question about what race you are is....you guessed it, not racist. Why do liberals have no problem with that question, it is *clearly* about race? Liberal logic! These people are idiots. We all know what this is about, Dummyrats not wanting anyone in America to know how many people are here illegally so they can manipulate the number of seats they get in the House. That’s all there is to it, it’s for NO other reason. Lying and cheating are the ONLY ways that these crooks know how to operate. It’s a question that’s been in every census until Obama insisted Americans have no right at all to know how many people are not supposed to be here. It’s just another reason why we wound up with Trump as a president and it will be a reason why he will wipe the floor with whatever lying, cheating, piece of manure socialist liberal the Dummyrats dare to put up.


Anything remotely related to government representation for the citizens of this country should require the question be included. But, non-truthful answers will likely result.


I don't understand why we wouldn't want to know who is here as a citizen, thus covered under the US Constitution. The idea of logic is lost on today's liberals.

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