Cory Booker is wrong and anyone who believes as he does is wrong. Joe Biden, former vice president, isn’t my candidate but he is right on a few points.

He said he’d made deals with “segregationists.” Which means, he’d make a deal with the devil if it were right for the country.

He changed some of his old views. Only a thinking man does that. He is not so old or stuck in his views he cannot see the current approach to situations. Do we want someone so rigid they will never change?

Most current voters fail to realize that the term racism is not solely about white versus black. When I’m referred to as a slur for a white person, it inflames me not because it’s truly is a bad word; it inflames only because you don’t respect the human being, me. America needs people to see all views not single words.

James Kerwin


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Democrats are in a circular firing squad until next July and there is only one standing. Until then they will say anything and do anything to slime their own party members. Kamala Harris heaped pity on herself for being the 2nd class of bused students, but her district was FULLY integrated by 1968 when she was only 4 and not even of school age. On top of that, her wealthy parents had her the best school in the district, important details she conveniently forgot to mention. It won't be too much longer before America learns of the many "favors" she gave married Willie Brown in exchange for cushy government jobs.

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