I had the privilege of traveling to Cuba with my two daughters on July 31 and returned back on Aug. 6. We traveled through parts of Cuba and stayed at AirBnBs and met many wonderful Cuban people and felt safe everywhere we went. I was very impressed with Cuba and I would go back if I had the opportunity.

However, I find it very disturbing on what President Donald Trump did back in June by implementing the ban that he imposed on Americans wanting to travel to Cuba. It is affecting the common citizens of Cuba who depend on tourists and there is no longer any American cruise ships docking in Havana that would be supporting the Cuban citizens who sell souvenirs, crafts and have AirBnBs. It is the common citizens who feel the pain from politicians. Support Cuban Citizens.

Steve Fraits


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So many these days choose not to see the big picture, very nicely demonstrated by this editorial. Thank God for President Trump!


Amen to that mattnamyj.


The way to support the Cuban people, Steve, is not to travel to Cuba and support their despotic, evil regime. The way to support the Cuban people is to topple their despotic, evil regime, and import good, old fashioned, American style capitalism.

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