Our nation has been a beacon for many, founded on core principles and the rule of law. Immigration laws were written to be as fair as possible and provide for the safety of the immigrant as well as the citizens of the U.S.

My understanding is that the new directive calls for the deportation of individuals who have had their amnesty request adjudicated and found ineligible. Likewise, criminals who are a “danger to public safety” are to be deported. If there is question about the term “criminal,” Congress should act to provide clarification. What would happen if all American citizens decided to choose what laws they agree with and obey and which they defy?

Sadly, we have a dysfunctional legislative branch that is refusing to work together and take immediate action. Outraged over the current immigration situation? Devote your energy to pressuring Congress to take action now.

Faith Carlson


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Good letter Faith. Spot on.

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